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High Match Rate

Most, if not all data appending companies have minimum orders that become a pain when you're required to run your hash files through several different data companies to achieve a high match rate. We offer a better solution with a high match rate the first time.

Affordable One Stop Shop

You’re now able to get your hash to email matching done in one place for one low price. We even offer you a low-cost trial so you can dip your toe into our top-notch service. You can forget about needing to run your files through a data waterfall with multiple data companies.

Pay Per Match

Many companies charge you for the processing of your entire hash file. We’re different, we only charge you for results. You pay for the matches we return. It’s straightforward and simple.

Fast Delivery Turn-around

Speed matters. We understand our Clients to move fast and so does our service. You get our Self-Serve, Smart-Service platform with same day delivery. We even let you see the count, the percentage we matched before you’re asked to pay. How do you like them apples?

If you've tried the rest, 
you've now found the best!

The HIGHEST Match Rate In The Industry!
We average 80% match from hash to email while others struggle to get 35-50%.

No Coding!

Upload hashes (MD5, SHA-1 or SHA-256)
and get emails.





"I was amazed to get an 91% match on my file. Normally, I needed to bounce my files to 3-4 different data companies to finally get 60%+."

How To Match Your Hash

1. Click On Hash2Email.
2. Click On +ADD NEW.
3. Type Your File Name.
4. Choose CSV file with Hash column placed first.
5. Select The Hash Type That You Have In Your First Column.
6. Click Save To Start The Process

Once your file is ready to download you will recieve an email from us.
In case your matching credits exceed your credits balance, the system will ask to pay the extra hash2email credits to be able to download the result file. 

* Signup Is One Time $99 That Include 4950 matching credits. (4950 x 2c = $99) 
* Hash2Email Extra Match Cost Is 2c Per Matched Email.

NOTE: Hash2Email will return an Email Address Field.

(Retargeting data, as well as all meta data associated with a website visitor is first party data to the Publisher/Advertiser. We simply match and/or append to those various first party data points. And we're really good at it too.)

Talk with us

Our team has been part of the lead generation and data industry since 1995. Lately, it seems like everywhere we turn, we bump into a newly minted data scientist. Here’s the thing, please don’t look at us as data scientists.
No. We’re more like data Ninjas :)

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